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(Pregnancy Health History Intake Form & Client Release For Massage For At-Risk Clients)

Maternal diet affects infant's long-term bone health

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Exercise in Pregnancy-Prenatal Yoga Video
Dr. Christine Anderson's Dynamic Prenatal Yoga

Exercise During Pregnancy/Post-Pregnancy
Post Pregnancy Excercise Video You Can Watch & Follow

The Right Touch


Pregnancy Massage Benefits

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Massage for childbirth prep may reduce episiotomy rate (press release)

Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

Massage & High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy & Early Stimulation of Babies
Postnatal Stimulation of Babies

4D Ultrasound in Las Vegas
Miracle In Progress
"The opportunity of a lifetime"
You've felt him move, she has a great kick, now you are wondering what she looks like.  Will he have Mom's nose or
Dad's chin? The technology and ultrasound experience found at Miracle In Progress 3D/4D Ultrasound Las Vegas allows
families to see their babies with amazing clarity using 3D Ultrasound and 4D ultrasound imaging. We watch babies yawn,
hiccup and smile and we capture these moments on DVD and in photographs. We invite you to experience this miracle
in our warm, family friendly studio.
Las Vegas & Henderson  Pregnancy Prenatal Maternity Massage

Las Vegas Massage Therapy Mobile Massage
Pre-Natal & Post-Natal In Home Massage
Help With Pregnancy Pain & Discomfort

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Las Vegas Massage Therapists
Mobile Outcall Certified Prenatal Massage Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada
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