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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Stress and Anxiety
enhance your overall view on life and bring more happiness and enjoyment to you. Massage can also be used in conjunction
with other stress relief techniques, such as psychological counseling, as an excellent additional therapeutic aid.

Muscle Pain, Tightness and Soreness
Various types of muscle pain including back and neck pain, short term muscle tightness and soreness due to
strong physical activity can be relieved through massage therapy. Muscle pain brought on by repetitive workplace activities
can also be greatly alleviated. Different techniques can be used to stretch and knead your muscles,  while other practices
allow your muscles to relax and increase your circulation.

Massage can foster and promote healing. Massage can also speed up the body's natural healing process.
Whether an injury is sustained suddenly or developed over time, massage can reduce inflammation and
increase circulation, thus removing bodily waste and encouraging nutritive replenishment to the injured areas.

Secondary Pain
Secondary pain, such as that headaches from eyestrain or back pain brought on by pregnancy, often
multiply the pain of the original condition. These ongoing difficulties can be alleviated with massage.

Injury Prevention
Massage, by easing tension in tightened muscles and relieving persistent pain, will help to prevent possible
future injuries. Particularly for those who are regularly physically active, massage therapy is an excellent precautionary

Joint Pain and Motion Restriction
By reducing muscle tension, massage eases joint pain by improving circulation, encouraging natural joint
lubrication and helping significantly with pain caused by arthritis. Similarly, range of motion can be enhanced
because of these benefits.

A more natural posture can be obtained as massage relaxes your muscles and joints, freeing your body to
restore itself.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
A March 2000 study by the University of Miami School of Medicine found that many premenstrual conditions,
such as pain, bloating and mood fluctuations, could be effectively decreased through massage therapy.

Numerous fibromyalgia symptoms including pain, stiffness, fatigue and depression can be relieved with
massage therapy. Studies indicate a dramatic increase in the ability to rest and sleep following massage.