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Massage Effective in Treating Common Ailments
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An increasing amount of research suggests that massage helps to ease or prevent common ailments that
are most often treated with prescription drugs and/or extended hospitalization. Some of the most
surprising research supports the effectiveness of massage therapy in reinforcing psychological stability
and its positive effects on pre-term infants.

Studies show that massage therapy can reduce anxiety and depression associated with anorexia and
bulimia, post traumatic stress disorder, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Patients suffering from eating
disorders who received massage therapy two times a week for a little over a month experienced a
decrease in anxiety, depression, and body dissatisfaction, while their dopamine levels increased.1,2
Survivors of the 1996 Hurricane Andrew underwent massage therapy to treat symptoms of post traumatic
stress disorder. They also experienced decreased anxiety and depression, and an decrease in cortisol
(stress hormone levels).3 And following 10 days of massage therapy, chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers
experienced fewer somatic symptoms, and less difficulty sleeping as cortisol levels decreased and
dopamine levels increased.4

Massage also has affected the weight gain, sleep quality, and overall development of preterm infants.
Infants who were massaged before sleeping, had a tendency to fall asleep more quickly and exhibited
more consistent sleeping patterns than infants who were not massaged.6 After eight months, the same
infants who received massage therapy as newborns displayed optimal cognitive and motor control

Written by Julie Engebretson