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How To Make the Most from Every Massage!
Massage can be a powerful tool to help your body best perform its countless functions
in its goal to maintain a healthy balance. Why not do everything you can to get the
best possible results from every massage session? These hints are offered to help you
make the most from your bodywork sessions.

Before your session...
The mood of your session can be affected by the things currently influencing your life.
You can improve your results by preparing yourself before your massage time. If you
can put the events of your life on pause for a little while and truly devote your session
time to taking care of you, the benefits you experience can be greatly enhanced. Life
really will wait a couple of hours for you — and you’ll be in much better shape to
deal with your responsibilities when you are feeling your best!

Other things you can do, as time allows:

Take a relaxing bath or shower before your appointment time

Limit consumption of caffeine and sugar, as well as other stimulants

Avoid eating immediately before your appointment

Allow extra time in your schedule so you don’t have to rush to be ready for your
session. Otherwise, it may take longer to reach a relaxed state.

Be aware of your current condition so you can report anything that needs attention.

It’s important to explain what’s going on health wise, because changing health
conditions can affect your massage needs

During your session...
Share what’s going on. If you have a tender spot or an injured area, bring it up
so it can be addressed. If you feel you need more pressure or a lighter touch during
the session, please say so. If everything is great, you can lie back and relax. If you
find your attention is on something, bring it up so you will be able to lie back and relax
Specify your preferences.

Everyone has different needs and wants, so share yours!
Is everything in the massage environment okay?
The temperature?
The lighting?
Any other distractions?
Are you completely at ease?
Do you like certain music?
Is the volume okay?
Do you like specific techniques?
More time spent on a certain area?

Each session is especially for you, so please communicate about what you want! If there is anything
you don’t understand, please ask so we can discuss it. Let it all and relax! One of the major massage goals
for many people is to lessen tension and stress. Many of those aches and pains that demand our attention
are linked to stress. In fact — according to Dr. Sandra McLanahan — eighty percent of disease is stress-related,
so maximizing the relaxation in each session should help you to maintain a much higher level of well-being!

One way to quiet your mind is to focus your attention on the session — really get in tune with your sense
of touch. Proper breathing helps you to relax and to reach your session goals. Slow, deep breathing
(from the gut) will provide your body with much-needed oxygen, while signaling your body to let
go of its tensions.

After your session...
If at all possible, allow for some quiet time before you continue your busy life. Drink extra water!!
Massage releases waste products and toxins from your muscles. Increasing your fluid intake lowers
this toxicity and lessens the strain on filtering organs.

Before your next session...
Make your massage results last by avoiding as many stressful elements as possible. Schedule your next
appointment! When you make bodywork a regular part of your life, you are helping your body to maintain
a better state of balance. In the long run, you stand to enjoy much better health gains through consistent
sessions. Make note of anything that occurs between sessions to bring up next time.

Enjoy your life!
Nothing is more important than your well-being, so make taking care of yourself a high priority. When you
feel your best, you are in a much better condition to deal with all of life’s challenges and demands.

Hopefully, this list has given you at least a couple of helpful hints. If there are any other points you’d
like to bring up, please do so. And if you have any questions regarding your massage and bodywork
sessions or your health, feel free to ask.

How do I begin?
You can call me at (702) 524-5686 or e-mail me
with any questions or to schedule a massage.

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