~How Massage Works~

Massage therapy is one of the most effective means of relaxing muscle tissue and increasing
circulation. Increased circulation provides more blood to the muscles and tissues providing
the nutrients necessary for your body to heal itself. Tight muscles reduce blood flow,
restricting enough blood to enter into the tissue, prolonging or halting the healing process
and also causing muscles cells to die. This will eventually cause atrophy of the muscle tissue.
This process can be reversed using massage.

Massage is unique in its ability to reduce and eliminate particular types of muscular
pain. The kinetic nature of massage, which breaks down the natural tendency of
muscles to adhere to one another, enhances range of motion and diminishes pain
and joint problems. It is only through the personalized understanding of your body's
inherent functionality and via a qualified massage therapist's knowledge of muscle
interaction that these physical problems be addressed.

Massage, on a regular basis will also have a positive, cumulative effect on the immune
system. Lymph, which functions as a drainage fluid for your body's bacteria, is
substantially stimulated by massage. Done on a persistent basis and depending
on the individual patient, massage can increase the effectiveness
of filtering this fluid.

And while the benefits of massage are currently well documented, new studies are
consistently becoming available that further demonstrate the positive
influences that this therapeutic technique has for everyone.

Thank You,
Barbara Potter
The Body Restoration Massage Group

Note: Massage does not replace the need for medical attention or psychological
counseling. Massage therapists do not diagnose medical problems.
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How Massage Works Las Vegas
How Massage Works Las Vegas