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                                                    Private Corporate Party For Sony

Hi Barbara~

We just wanted to say " Thank you" to both you and Megan. Everyone really enjoyed their massages
and we will definitely be planning to do this again. Thank you both again, and
Happy Holidays,

Michelle B, Supervisor
Caesar's Entertainment/Passport Travel Department

Name = Jaime G.
Company =
Comments = A heavenly massage; Barbara was a dream!
We recently participated in a huge industry trade-show and we decided  to
have a separate room in our booth with clouds on the wall and ceiling and a
licensed massage therapist performing chair massage on weary Las Vegas
trade-show attendees and important customers. Barbara made our clients feel
like they had died and gone to heaven; precisely the effect that we wanted to
create- an escape from the chaotic trade-show for 10-15 minutes at a time.
Barbara has the hands of an angel- with just the right touch, there were even
folks coming back for more the next day! She was sweet and professional
and I would recommend her to anyone for any event.
Thanks Barbara!
Las Vegas,  Convention Center

Name: Roger
Corporate On-Site Chair Massage Las Vegas
Comments =Hello Barbara, I wanted to thank you very much for the chair massage and helping to make
our golf event in Henderson such a huge success last month. Waiting until the last minute, we found you
on the Internet and contacted you to do chair massage at the golf course in Henderson Nevada for an all
day event. There were so many preparations to be made we had overlooked finding a therapist. Luckily,
you were available that Friday and we took a chance. Well, you were wonderful.

We are a software manufacturer and hosted this event to show our appreciation to all of our vendors and very
important clients who attended the convention in Las Vegas. Most of them are tied up in their offices
all the time and we knew a day of golf with dinner would be a great way to say "thank you".

You were warm, friendly, professional and very good at what you do. Every time someone stopped, during their
game for chair massage, they commented on how much they appreciated having you there and how
enjoyable it was.

We made a good choice! I will be sure to give you advance notice next year when we sponsor this again.
Best Regards, Roger
Las Vegas Nevada

Foot Massage For Yogabear Charity Event For Cancer Survivors in Santa Monica

After a stressful and demanding project, contract for a day of chair massage to show your appreciation for a
job well done, or substitute a congratulations in the office newsletter after a strong fiscal quarter with a
sign-up in the break room for a complimentary chair massage.

  • No oils or lotions are used....unless requested....
    so there is no need for them to be concerned about stains on clothing.

  • The session generally lasts from 10 to 20 minutes.

  • The chair is lightweight and portable, enabling it
to be set up in virtually any office or break room.

Chair massage is also great at parties, events, wedding showers,
spa parties or anytime you want to give your guests a real treat.

Benefits in the workplace
Studies by the Touch Research Institute in Florida show that the benefits of chair
massage have quick results. Immediately after massage sessions, the subjects
experienced a change in brain waves in the direction of heightened alertness and
better performance on math problems (completed in less time with fewer errors).
At the end of the five-week study period, subjects reported reduced job stress and
elevated moods. This was in addition to the usual benefits of massage, relief of
muscular tension, revitalized energy, and a stronger immune system. The study’s findings
are significant in that the International Labor Organization stated in its 1993 World Labor
Report that job stress costs the U.S. Economy $200 billion annually through diminished
productivity, compensation claims, absenteeism, health insurance, and direct
medical expenses.

Techniques Used
Chair massage utilizes acupressure and Swedish massage to relieve tension. Though beginning
at a slower pace, the work moves a little faster as the practitioner proceeds. The session
ends with quick, revitalizing strokes in order to bring the client back to a state of
full consciousness.

The practitioner will demonstrate the procedure for getting on and off the massage
chair for those not familiar with its use. Positioning is very important and the practitioner
should check regularly throughout the session to be sure the client’s alignment
remains correct.

Employee Reward
Reward the winning department of a team competition to a 15-minute massage for
From manufacturers to hospitals to auto dealerships, companies across the country
are using seated massage services to make work literally less of a pain in the
neck for employees.

Chair massage
Chair Massage provides hardworking employees with a convenient method of alleviating
the stress inherent in these competitive times. Slouching at a desk for prolonged periods
often results in lower back pain. Repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome,
are common among office workers. A 10- to 20-minute “stress-buster” massage relieves
tension in neck, back, and shoulder muscles, reducing irritability and increasing productivity.

Chair massage is performed in the workplace. Your employees will be seated
upright on a special massage chair and will remain fully clothed. No oils are used.

Are Your Employees Overstressed?

Thank you

Barbara Potter
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