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~Comments From Clients~
Here are a few of the comments that we have
received from clients:

Hi Barbara,
I wanted to say thank you once again for the marvelous
massage you gave me the day of  my best friends wedding.
Having Fibromyalgia, and dancing all night at the bachelorette
party didn't mix too well. I knew if I was going to be able to
stand during the ceremony, I was going to need some help.
Being in Las Vegas, I wasn't sure what I would find online, (you
know sometimes anything goes!),  I just wanted a nice,
professional person to give me a great massage and help me
feel better. I found that  with you!  You were a wonderful
blessing to me that day.  Your hands are magical!!!  I couldn't
believe how wonderfully relaxed I felt all day, even to this day!!!  

Since being diagnosed with  Fibromyalgia in March, I have been
afraid to get a massage, (sometimes it hurts to even be lightly
touched), but now, I wish you lived in San Diego!!!  I was pleased
with your price, I thought it was more than fair. And after you
were done, and how good I have felt these  last  few days, I think
I would have paid you anything! Thanks again for being a blessing
to me  that day.  The next time I come to Las Vegas, I will
definitely be calling you!
Sincerely, Karen Rout San Diego

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~Our Therapeutic Massage Technique Integrates~
~Swedish Massage~Deep Tissue Massage~Relaxation Massage~
~Acupressure~Trigger Point Therapy~Energy Work~Structural
~Myofascial Release~Sports Massage~Therapeutic Massage~

~Intuition, Intention & Care~
Available Services
~Las Vegas Massage Services & Treatments~
~Holistic Therapeutic Mobile Massage Las Vegas~
Gift Certificates For Any In-Home Therapeutic Massage or
Prenatal Massage~
~Sports Injuries~Stress Relief & Relaxation~
~Structural Bodywork~
Maternity/Pregnancy Massage~Prenatal Massage~
Gift Certificates for Baby Showers
~Infant Massage~Pediatric Massage
~Geriatric Massage~
~Las Vegas Therapeutic Massage for Women with Fibromyalgia~
~Plantar Fasciitis~
Piriformis Syndrome~Achilles Tendonitis~
~Golfer's & Tennis Elbow-Tenosynovitis-Trigger Finger~
~Shin Splints~Neck Pain &
Headache Relief~
~ Cancer-Oncology Massage~Reflexology~Sciatica
Ortho-Bionomy-Bamboo Fusion-Raindrop Therapy
~ Advanced Deep Tissue & Treatment~Hot Stone Massage~
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage-Lymphedema Massage
Reflexology & Cranial Sacral Therapy
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Las Vegas Massage For Women by Women

VIP Massage Services Available
Backstage Massage Available for Performers & Entertainers
in Las Vegas In-Hotel Room or Backstage During Shows.

Sports Injuries
Re-Balance The Body

Couples Massage~
One After Another
(Side By Side With Two Therapists Available Upon
Request With Advance Notice)

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Book an in-home or in-hotel massage today with one of the
professional licensed massage therapists in our group. If you get
the voice-mail I will return your call asap.- Thank you, Barbara
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Our  focus is solely on the health and healing benefits of holistic massage therapy. Our dedication
to the field guarantees that all clients receive the most complete and personalized attention,
maximizing the powerful effects of massage.  We are certified, licensed,  insured and trained
in massage & bodywork that  introduces our clients to many of the professional therapeutic
options available that reduce anxiety and manage pain and discomfort.

Looking For Licensed & Certified Massage Therapists in Las Vegas To Come To Your
Home or Hotel Room For Professional Therapeutic Massage?  We can help you.
Outcall  (Mobile) Massage Therapy In Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada.
Hello, I am Barbara Potter, Founder of The Body Restoration Massage Group 702-524-5686.  Welcome to our website.
The therapists in this group adhere to the guidelines set forth by the ABMP and
NCBTMB which have the highest
standards in ethics and professionalism.
Massage Las Vegas-Las Vegas Mobile Massage Therapy
Massage Las Vegas-Las Vegas Mobile Massage Therapy
 Massage Therapy Las Vegas

My commitment to this healing art combined with my deep caring for the needs of others  led me to open The Body Restoration
Massage Group, an outcall only mobile massage practice, in Las Vegas after moving here in 2005 from  California. I wanted to provide
clients with licensed & professional in-home or in-hotel therapeutic massage therapy in Las Vegas &  Henderson, NV. We come to
your home, hotel room or office with healing hands, massage table or massage chair, music, oils & lotion.

Our Nevada therapists serve clients in the Las Vegas area with integrity & professionalism. The therapists in the group are
dedicated to providing clients with the best service possible and in doing so, pursue continuing education on a regular basis
to expand their skills, incorporating special techniques and theories into their work. Our goal is to offer quality massage therapy
to each individual. We are all local and state licensed Independent Massage Therapists who are Nationally Certified & insured.
The Body Restoration Massage Group provides holistic, caring, professional, therapeutic mobile massage therapy in the comfort
of your home, office or hotel as well as on-site chair massage in Las Vegas & Henderson NV for events. We also provide massage
in hospitals and nursing homes. Our service is strictly therapeutic massage therapy, outcall only (mobile),  to your location and
proper draping is always required.

Massage Las Vegas at it's finest.

Along with other massage modalities, including Deep Tissue Massage & Swedish Massage, which are all listed below,
Becce NVMT1033 one of our therapists, also specializes in Pediatric Massage and is Certified in Prenatal & Postnatal
Maternity Massage in Las Vegas.

"I thank those who have already put their trust in our hands and we hope
that you too may entrust us to fulfill your massage therapy needs"

Our style of work and pressure vary according to your preferences, level of comfort, and health needs. We have worked on
clients of
all ages, from all walks of life, with all kinds of conditions where the massage was tailored to their individual needs.
We provide a holistic, heart felt approach to the practice of massage therapy and give each of our clients the same quality of
care - the same attention, respect and compassion - that we give to our family and friends.

"We practice ethically, honestly and from the heart."

During the massage we follow the guidance of the client's body using various techniques to facilitate and achieve the best results.
With strong hands and a nurturing touch, we integrate our own specially developed
~Therapeutic Massage~using natural therapies
that enhance healing by helping to relieve pain and tension, while increasing circulation of oxygen and blood flow throughout
the body to restore energy, enhance peace of mind, promote relaxation and the
body's natural healing processes.

"Your Own Healing....That is our number one priority when we work with any client."

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The Body Restoration Massage Group
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Las Vegas Massage Therapy Outcall Home Hotel Office Events
Massage Las Vegas

Wellness On-Site Chair Massage in Las Vegas
~Golf Tournaments~Employee Wellness & Appreciation~
~Corporate Events~Conventions~Wedding Parties~
~Bachelorette Parties~
Massage -- A great way to show your guest or employees that your
organization really cares about their health and well being.
Chair Massage Available For Golf Events in Las Vegas
Please see our Services Page for more detailed
information regarding different techniques
and styles of massage therapy.
Las Vegas Massage
Our Massage Therapy
"Helping your body work better
through relaxation, stress
reduction, pain relief
& rehabilitation"

Backstage Massage For Performers & Entertainers in Las Vegas & Los Angeles

The Body Restoration Massage Group has been providing professional massage therapy to performers & entertainers in Las Vegas & Los Angeles
since 2003.  We can work backstage before or after shows, between sets or in your hotel room. We also work on movie sets/locations. Some of the
clients we have provided services to are: The Northern Irish/Scottish alternative rock band Snow Patrol, Actor Alimi Ballard, Actor Holt McCallany,
The Judd Family, The Amazing Johnathan, Magician Lance Burton & Director Shana Feste amongst others.

We can provide table massage or chair massage. We bring everything that is necessary.
Massage can be between sets without the use of oils or lotions if needed.